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Theory U / Leading from the Emerging Future

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via Otto Scharmer

The premise around “field structures of attention”: We can’t solve level 4 problems with level 1-3 mechanisms. Consistent with general theory of complex adaptive systems.

(Also consistent with Gödel’s incompleteness theorems of mathematical logic translated to complex systems / computer architecture: A computer of a given size can model only a smaller computer — it cannot model itself. If it modeled a computer of its own size and complexity, the model would fill it entirely and it wouldn’t have any resources available to exercise the model. A corollary — we may never fully understand the human brain by using the human brain to understand it.)


The Evolution of the 21st-Century Organization

via John Kotter

Concept of hybrid network / hierarchy in the intra-organizational context seems analogous to the concept of hybrid network / hierarchy for “innovation ecosystems” in the inter-organizational context.

We form machines in the image of our brain; we form organizations in the image of our brain.

hierarchy / linear / monolithic structure –> operational / repetitive functions –> primitive brain
network / nonlinear / granular structure –> creative / non-repetitive functions –> advanced brain

Optimizing for agility vs. efficiency… in the context of an “organizational operating system“.